Monday, June 29, 2015

Some Brand New Features!

Since returning home from the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Columbus, Ohio, I've been hard at work writing lots of new code for the Structured Practice Method. Today, I'm very excited to unveil three new features!

First of all, and the biggest change, is the all-new redesigned Manage page!! The new design features expandable and collapsible practice item views, shows all active and inactive practice items on the same page, and generally looks a lot better!

Also, if you look on the main page, you'll now see average practice times in parenthesis next to each practice item. These show the amount of time you typically take to practice any given item. They're intended to help practice planning. If you only have a few minutes to practice, find an item that typically takes you a little less time than what you have available.

If a practice item has sub-items underneath it, the time shown for the item includes all of the sub-items that are active today... so it should be a good rough estimate of how long it would take to complete all of the items in that 'category.' Please note that the numbers do not update as you practice items.. they're calculated once at the beginning of your practice day.

Finally, if you look at the bottom of any list of practice notes, there's now an option to specify a date range and view all the notes for that range.

I've also made a large number of behind-the-scenes improvements - these are things you won't see, but can improve your overall experience... more efficient code, more advanced algorithms for sorting music and suggesting practice items, and some structural improvements to how the program handles teaching studios.

I hope you find all of these new features helpful! Feel free to comment about them below, and watch this space for more new features in the future!!

-Dr. Mark Flegg

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