Monday, February 8, 2016

Great New Statistics Displays!

I'm very excited today to be able to announce another awesome new feature I've recently added to the Structured Practice Method: Improved statistics, with Pie Charts!!

The stats have been online for over a week and are running flawlessly at this point! Details after the break:

The changes to the stats begin with the new pie charts, which show practice distribution. The chart above is from the main application screen, and shows at a glance how I've been spending my practice time over the past few weeks. Besides being fun to look at, this can be very useful information! I can see very quickly from the above chart that I'm spending about half my time on fundamentals. I figure that's about right, but I also see I'm spending about a quarter of my time warming up! I'm not real excited about that, and I honestly didn't realize it until I saw the chart for the first time. I've been seeing similar revelations on my students' charts as well, and we're now all working on getting our pies to line up better with our intentions!

The charts don't stop there! Every practice item now has its own statistics panel, which shows at a glance what you've been up to on that particular item. In this case, I've brought up the practice page for Fundamentals, which you saw on my main page, above. As you can see here, the stats panel shows the average time spent on this practice item, how many days I've practiced it over the range I selected in my preferences, as well as a pie chart showing the distribution of sub-items I have underneath "Fundamentals." For practice items that don't have any sub-items, there is no pie chart, but the average and days practiced stats still come up.

One more chart has been a real eye opener for my students and I: Assigned Items Stats! This panel shows up on the Lesson View page, which is accessible from the main page on the list of assignments from a particular teacher, on the buttons next to the name of any item that's been assigned, and from the student panel on the Teaching page. This panel shows how much time, on average, the student has been spending on the lesson material each day, along with a breakdown of how much time each assignment has been getting. There's also an "exploded" slice, which indicates how much time the student has been spending on other material outside of the assigned items.On all the pie charts, wherever they appear within the SPM site, the items in the key are listed in order from most-practiced item to least-practiced. Hovering the mouse pointer over an item on the key will show an indicator on the corresponding pie slice, and hovering over a pie slice will bring up the name of the item that slice represents, along with the percentage of overall practice time it has receivedI hope you find the new stats helpful! As always, if you have any comments, request, suggestions, ideas, please feel free to either leave them in the comments here, or send a private message using the "Contact Us" link above!

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