Monday, February 15, 2016

Quick Tip - Getting Your Music On Screen in SPM

Many people have asked me if SPM can store pdf files of music and display them while practicing. While the system won't currently store your music for you, you CAN keep your music files on a service like Google Drive and create links to open the music in SPM. Read on for complete instructions...

If you take a look at the screen grab above, you'll see one of my own practice items: "Lucas Piccolo Trumpet Routine." I have the music for this stored on my Google Drive, and created a link in the description of the practice item in SPM that says "Click here for the file." If I click that link, it will open a new tab in my browser with the music!

Creating a link like this is very easy in SPM. Here's how:
In my case, I'm using Google Drive to store my files, so I simply go to Google Drive, find my file, and open it. Make sure you have the file fully open in it's own tab or window in your web browser. In Google Drive, you can open files in "preview" mode, but the link won't work. Look at the upper right corner of the window you have your music open in:
If you see the little box with an arrow pointing diagonally up and to the right, you're in preview mode. Just click that arrow box (it's called a "pop out") and a new tab or window will open with the file.  At that point, the upper right corner of your window should look something like this:
As you can see, there's no more "Pop Out" box to click.
Once you have the file properly opened, just copy the "URL" that is in the address bar...
Depending on your computer and browser, you'll need to either single, double, or triple click the url to get it to highlight. Then just right-click in Windows, or click and hold in MacOS, and select the copy option.
Now go back to Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method and edit the practice item you want the link to show up in...
In the description, type the following EXACTLY:
<a target="_blank" href="
Then paste the URL using either right-click in Windows or click-hold in Mac, and select "Paste." After the stuff you paste in, finish with EXACTLY this:
">Click here for the music</a>
It should look something like this when you've finished (Note: the computer automatically moved the "href" to a new line in this example. That's totally fine, but if it doesn't, that's fine too. In this situation, what line text is on does not matter):
If it looks good, go ahead and click Save. Now, when you open the practice page for this item, you'll see "Click here for the music" in the description area under the action buttons. Try clicking on it, and a new tab or window with your music should open up.
If it doesn't work, go back and double check that you followed the above steps exactly! If you're still having trouble after that, send an email to and we'll get you hooked up in no time! 

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